Graceful Path Yoga

Graceful Path Yoga (GPY) promotes the mind-body benefits of yoga therapy and meditation. Medical research supports the effectiveness of these practices to address a wide variety of conditions and reduce stress.


In consultation and collaboration with physicians and other health care providers, we design customized plans for individual clients. We also teach “duet” classes (for two friends or family members) and group classes. Our focus is on healing and health maintenance, prevention of disease, and lifestyle changes.


What We Offer

All services are provided in a safe, quiet and comfortable environment. GPY specializes in beginner level, gentle yoga with modifications customized for individual needs or conditions.


Yoga Therapy

Clients receive an initial evaluation and then an individualized plan that addresses their specific needs. Service is delivered personally in sessions in a professional setting or in their home, with one-on-one training and guidance. All plans include gentle and moderate yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Yoga Classes

Yoga group sessions allow each individual to honor their own level and pace for the class.

Quiet Space Design

Clients are provided with recommendations to create a space in their home environment for the practice of yoga between sessions and upon completion of a series of sessions.

Restorative Yoga

Clients experience a deeply restful practice with the use of gentle stretching methods and passive yoga poses with the use of props, in a healing environment.


Clients are taught meditation techniques and then are coached to incorporate meditation in their daily lives. This includes various forms of meditation, sitting, walking and lying down.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

In addition to yoga and meditation, special attention is given to specific areas such as healthy sleep, mindful eating and breath awareness.


Carol A Gamble

RYT 500, M.S.
Kripalu Yoga Teacher
(978) 518 9527




Choose from over 35 yoga and meditation classes held weekly at the Roots to Wings Yoga and Healing Center.  See schedule for Carol’s classes and those led by the other wonderful yoga instructors on staff, http://www.rootstowings.com.

Graceful Path Yoga is also very grateful to Roots to Wings Yoga and Healing for providing the space to support yoga therapy for patients within the medical community of greater Newburyport.


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GPY is a friend and supporter of the Newburyport Art Association (NAA) and we encourage you to explore all that the NAA has to offer the artist and non-artist. Please visit the NAA website, www.newburyportart.org, for more information and, to show your support of such a precious community asset, please consider becoming a member.

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